The World of Intercontinental

INTERCONTINENTAL VAN LINES, for over 3 decades, has been providing International Relocations, Moving, and Specialized Logistical Transport services to Government Organizations, NATO / Military members, Corporations, and Individuals Worldwide. Intercontinental is considered one of the foremost Relocation companies in Canada and recognized around the world for its Integrity, Quality, and the ability to execute as required and expected.

INTERCONTINENTAL’S innovations and investments in people, facilities, assets, and agents, have allowed the Intercontinental Group to facilitate and deliver a variety of specialized moving & transportation products and services.

Not all moving & logistics companies are alike and consider that the Intercontinental Group reflects:

  • A highly diversified & extremely experienced group of people – Our best Assets!
  • Innovative modes of intermodal transport to protect and expedite shipments Door to Door
  • Intercontinental operates a Licensed CANADA CUSTOMS BONDED WAREHOUSE.
  • Intercontinental operates Warehousing for storage, handling, and Distribution of our clients Goods & Products
  • Intercontinental is a Licensed CANADA CUSTOMS BONDED CARRIER.
  • Intercontinental has established Agents & strategic partners across Canada, USA, and in virtually every country of the World

Canada & Cross Border

Intercontinental Van Lines

Moving across Canada or between Canada and the U.S. we do it the old fashioned way, Service, Service, Service.

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World Wide Services

Parry and Intercontinental Relocations

We have the special expertise and commitment our clients need, beginning with the preplanning of your move until well after you have settled into your new home, in your new country.

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We are proud to be able to provide specialized transport services, customized, to meet the logistic demands and needs of our clients worldwide.

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Moving & Installations

Moving and Storage

We provide local moving and storage of your household goods and personal effects safely, efficiently and at an economical cost to you.

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